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Phenomenal Mind Studios, founded by Dr. Diane Kern

Raise the Bar

The Director of NIMH has announced they are abandoning the  DSM (Psychiatric Diagnostic Manual) for purposes of research. Why? He notes: ‘The diagnostic categories lack validity’ (paraphrased). The characterization of much that we feel as an ‘illness’ is not only inaccurate, it ill serves us.

1. Your emotions constitute a feedback system that is HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL. Emotions have much in common with thirst and hunger. They are designed to help you navigate your life. Learn how to work with them not against them.

2. Explore the wherewithal of your own PHENOMENAL MINDThe question is not, ‘which disorder do you have.’ Rather, it is how can I mobilize the wherewithal of my own mind to heal myself if need be, to bring more focus and drive to my efforts to succeed, and better navigate major life challenges.




















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