A Homeopathic Psychology

I believe most folks know the difference between allopathic medicine and homeopathic medicine. However, here is a short review.

Allopathic medicine zooms in on a problem with all of the power at it’s disposal. It defines phenomena as a disease, an illness or more recently, a disorder. It has an awesome arsenal at it’s disposal to do battle with what it conceives of as a threat. My selection of the military analogy is no accident.

Homeopathic medicine does not zoom in, rather it zooms out to look at a whole system within it’s context. This ‘holistic’ perspective assumes that what might be called a symptom of disease or disorder is ‘merely’ an outcome that can best be understood as the dynamics of a given system are better understood. That being the case, it works with systems, not against them, so the military analogy is not apt. Rather, a homeopathic approach is collaborative.

Nowhere is the necessity to look at a difficulty within the context of ‘systems within systems’ more important than when thinking about mind and mental wellness. A collaborative relationship with one’s own mind unleashes the inestimable power of mind. This approach forces a rethinking of the whole of contemporary psychology.

Not to worry, it also suggests many, many ways to help ourselves and our loved ones.

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