‘In Denial’ or Useful Filtering?

Have you ever been accused of being ‘in denial?’ The good news is that   ‘a la google’ we have filters!

Our phenomenal self-organizing mind creates filters from day 1 or thereabouts. Do you really need to note the pattern of ceiling tiles above your head? Probably if you sell ceiling tiles, but other than that…

Note: ADD is entirely about our filter system. There is no ‘quantity’ of attention that gets low.

Our sensory apparatus notes all and our self organizing process determines what is worthy of note without any conscious involvement on our part. Infants over time begin to assign more value to the sound of footsteps approaching than the sound of the heating system starting up yet again. Is it self-serving? You bet.

Failure to take some bit of information into account is simply evidence of your filter system at work. You did not and cannot create it. Your mind has been programming itself and creating filters for some time. Your filters help you prioritize what you need to know to do your job. If you are tired at the end of the day your system may ‘overlook’ the fact that you had intended to pick up the dry cleaning. Your system is prioritizing your health and  well being.

Our phenomenal mind is always working with and for us FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF THE SYSTEM-NOT FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF EGO’ in the Buddhist sense of the word.

So…you do not and should not control your filter system.

You can however work with it. You can put sticky notes here and there to help you remember tasks.

You can meditate and explore consciously your ‘new’ priorities bearing in mind your ‘system’ is listening in.

With a homeopathic psychological theory, one always works with our mind system, not against it. To begin with, if someone charges you with being ‘in denial’, a psychologically sophisticated reply would be something on the order of ‘yes, I have a filter system’, and the problem is what?

There may well be a problem, It may be a big problem but the solution is to understand our self organizing process and exploit the heck out of it.

Stay tuned to phenomenal mind to learn more about your psychological immune system. Coming soon: Online Psychoanalysis to help you mobilize and work well with your psychological defenses.


About Diane Kern

Diane has been a practicing psychotherapist for over thirty years. She has taught at several California Colleges and Universities. She also studied in New Delhi, India.

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