Not All Thoughts are Created Equal

I once saw a bumper sticker, ‘Not All Thoughts are Created Equal’. Wow! That’s an understatement. But, we think what we think don’t we? The question arises…how might we exploit our own brilliance and not shoot ourselves in the proverbial foot?

The answer? By learning to sit beside the ‘stream of consciousness’ and learn about the ‘stuff’ that floats by.

  • Mind-Stuff does just float by. You are not RESPONSIBLE for it.
  •  The Mind-Stuff that floats by is indeed SUPPOSED TO BE THERE.
  • ACCEPTANCE of the presence of the Mind-Stuff is the platform for beginning the search for inner peace. Your creativity, your ability to navigate intimate relationships, your productivity, etc. will be enhanced with your understanding of these three points.

For you science-minded folks, this conception of mind and mind stuff is cutting edge neuroscience (more regarding that later).

Stay tuned to explore ‘Mind-Stuff’. As we sit beside the stream of consciousness, looking within ourselves, we see a virtual eco-system. We see that it contains all manner of things.  As we now well-know, when we enter any eco-system it behooves us to take note of what’s there, to learn about the parts of the system and how the system (and systems within systems) work.  Only then can we learn to enjoy it’s bounty in a manner that sustains the whole.

Visit Phenomenal Mind frequently to learn to do just that.

About Diane Kern

Diane has been a practicing psychotherapist for over thirty years. She is credentialed to teach college level psychology, social science and anthropology. She has taught at California Community Colleges and Universities. She studied psychoanalytic theory and practice in the School of Criminology at the University of California at Berkeley where she earned her doctorate degree. She traveled to India to study cross-cultural conceptions of mental illness. Research was undertaken in social work agencies and at the All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi. She has had a balanced yoga practice for twenty five years.

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