Our Psychological Immune System

Our Mind itself is capable of mustering extraordinary defenses. It’s not only OK to ‘be defensive” it’s often in our best interest. Understanding of our psychological defenses enables us to well use them.

Our psychological immune system is as complex as our physical immune system and so a full understanding of it takes time and exploration. However, to begin  with let’s just remove the negative from the ‘crime’ with which we may be occasionally charged, ‘being defensive’.

The first question to be asked under those circumstances is ‘are we on the receiving end of an offense?’

We can point that out to our companion. If we are on the receving end of what is construed as an offense, of course our brains will kick into a defensive modus operandi. That’s the good news.

So to begin with:

1. Value your psychological defenses

2. Secondly, learn more about them.

I prefer the term ‘balancing mechanisms’. That term strips away the potential negativity that the charge, ‘you’re being defensive’ carries. It is consistent with excellent science. It is a core principle in  the homeopathic theory of psychology  in-forming phenomenal mind.

Of course we may find ourselves ‘off balance’. Thankfully, we are hard wired with a physical defense system that mobilizes itself to help us regain balance in the event of physical illness. It is not surprising that our internal mental organizing system comes complete with mechanisms designed to help us regain mental and emotional balance.

Visit phenomenal mind often to learn more about your psychological defense system.




About Diane Kern

Diane has been a practicing psychotherapist for over thirty years. She has taught at several California Colleges and Universities. She also studied in New Delhi, India.

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