Your Psychic Immune System

Defensive? That’s the good news!

We need our psychic defenses just as surely as we need our physical defenses.

‘In denial’? Not necessarily a problem; we have filters that limit full comprehension of threatening (destabilizing) information.

‘Projecting’? Imagining that others will be quite like yourself only to be disappointed? Not necessarily a problem; assuming likemindedness allows us to open our hearts to others.

Can our defenses be working against us? You bet.

Learn about your psychic immune system and learn to work with it, not against it.

Note: This is an advanced Power Up Class. Students must have completed Power Up Your Mind Basic prior to enrollment in this class.

When and Where? To be announced.






About Diane Kern

Diane has been a practicing psychotherapist for over thirty years. She has taught at several California Colleges and Universities. She also studied in New Delhi, India.

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